Mr. Muddle and the Council of Suggestion

For the first FIGMENT interactive arts festival held in Jackson, MS, daniel created a 2-day theater game which would interact with the festival goers and projects. johnson invited eight Jacksonians of different ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds to come together as a “Council of Suggestion”. As the Council of Suggestion, they committed to be open, honest, and genuine with each other, focusing their energy on formulating useful suggestions for the furtherance of the FIGMENT Mission. To maintain their bond, they agreed to not interact with or touch any other person or object throughout the performance. To communicate their suggestions, they had to unanimously call it out three times - once affirmed in unison, Mr. Muddle, played by johnson, would be bound to compel other FIGMENT goers to realize the suggestion. Additionally, they were guided by an overall suggestion they had for FIGMENT - that everyone at FIGMENT have the opportunity to high five everyone at FIGMENT in a High Five Gauntlet. 

The High Five Gauntlet

Special Thanks to Frank Ezelle for all images on this page.

Special Thanks to Clay Hardwick for the video footage of Jackson Mayor Harvey Johnson complying with the suggestion to drum. — Jackson, Mississippi