Mr. Muddle’s Song and Dance-aganza!

Our heroine is captivated by the screen which looms large in her corner of the world. From the other three corners, musicians fill the space with improvised sound, reaching out to each other. As the musicians ebb and flow between disonance and resonance - harmony and dischord - our heroine feels the push and pull of her awareness between the screen and her own expression. In the midst is Mr. Muddle - entering and exiting the video -  disrupting and disconnecting the musicians from each other and our heroine from herself while an expressionless Mr. Suitcoat flickers across the screen.

johnson created this multidisciplinary, improvisational theater game to be played as an earnest battle between the dominating cacophony of Mr. Muddle and a trio of musicians spaced far enough apart as to challenge their ability to discern each other. Performed at the Lewis Art Gallery at Millsaps College.


Jackson Free Press | Dec 2009
Whose Line Is It, Anyway? — Jackson, Mississippi