Mr. Muddle’s Urban Ambient

The human experience of the intense and continuous contemporary media environment is often mused about in respect to the muddle of messages we are exposed to, but what of the subconscious navigation our brains undergo to sort out and filter this into our conscious experience? As part of new coffee house Sneaky Bean’s efforts to produce more intimate indoor performances, johnson crafted an experimental audio/visual performance developed through musical improvisation with late-night tv. Immersing the viewer in this free association of infomercials, late-night pastors, and “golden age” television with an eclectic backing of layered sound and fleetingly recognizable melodies attempts to give media “sea legs” to these strange intersections of reception our minds represent.

Following the initial Sneak Beans performance, johnson constructed an immersive installation in the 121 Studios art gallery for the reprise in the video above. — Jackson, Mississippi