In the Fall of 2010, johnson was wandering and musing down by the Pearl River when he stumbled up a 1949 Deluxe model Westinghouse Refrigerator lying on its back in the sun. Feeling the meeting auspicious, johnson captured and picture and hung it up in his studio. After a few weeks, daniel realized he needed more people to view this object with him and thus, the Westinghouse Refrigerator Project was born. After standing it up and creating a FaceBook page for the appliance, others began to visit and bring the refrigerator items found nearby.

As a tri-county watershed, the Westinghouse became a shadowbox for these community and natural objects constantly arranged and rearranged by passersby. Ultimately johnson created sticker and stencil projects to further reflect on the experience and brought the refrigerator to a gallery for an exhibition.

daniel@significantdevelopments.us — Jackson, Mississippi