What is Dinner? 

a table must have a setting

daniel was hired by artist duo JEMAGWGA in the Winter of 2012 to play a local organizing role for their artwork The Future is on the Table #4 at the Mississippi Museum of Art. This 6-month community-based art work inspired daniel to offer a response art work as a gift to JEMAGWGA, the Museum, and the project participants.

In What is Dinner? a table must have a setting, johnson and his family (wife Amber, son Vesper, and Amber’s mom Suzie) worked together to host the six disparate project teams (55 people) for a sit down meal at the Museum. The johnson’s prepared a simple meal that marks special occasions in their relationship using salt sent from Kate Browne, the previous artist of this community-based art series. JEMAGWGA brought the wine. The Museum provided the literal setting and table setting. And the participants enjoyed the space created, offering up toasts to each other as a meaningful social expression of the moment they found themselves in the project.

daniel@significantdevelopments.us — Jackson, Mississippi