dj cerealmilk

dj cerealmilk is  a family-friendly DJ who enjoys playing for any movement gatherings where families are coming together to build relatinonship and a better future. Mixing 80/90’s hip hop and new wave with children’s music, Significant Developments Principal Artist daniel johnson helps support joy at gatherings in support of the deeper work that families and neighbors are doing together.  Typical sets might include empowerment hits like Whodini’s Be Yourself or playful tracks like Devo’s Peek-a-Boo alongside classic children’s music from Ella Jenkins and the Sesame Street Workshop, even surprising mixes like Three6Mafia’s Stay Fly instrumental backing Peter Pan’s You Can Fly.

dj cerealmilk has hosted events like Significant Saturdays alongside local record, comic, & toy shop OffBeat and is a regular presence at the Urban Foxes Junior Foxes Art Fair. cerealmilk even enjoys working with youth at school ~ Just before the pandemic, high school graphic design teacher invited dj cerealmilk to participate in a branding exercise with students! johnson presented their work as dj cerealmilk and students developed a concept and then worked with their “client” to shape it into a final product. Great fun ~ ~ ~ — Jackson, Mississippi